Visiting Guest Lecture – Simona Dell’Agli (Artquest)

Simona Dell’Agli from ARTQUEST will be talking to photography students on Monday 8th November between 11.00am-12.30pm in Room D35.

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Artquest provides critical engagement and practical support to London’s visual artists and craftspeople, working with practitioners in London throughout their careers.



7 thoughts on “Visiting Guest Lecture – Simona Dell’Agli (Artquest)

  1. simona Dell’Agli from artquest was very interesting she gave us lots of information that is important for us to know and where to find it. I found it a lot to take in but now know where the information is when needed and would not have known this had she not come today. She did this in a short space of time and got to the point, her message was clear to understand.

  2. Simona gave us some really good information about copyright and artquest because now I know how to use it and it has loads of information on there.
    Also loads of useful tips about creating your own style and being professional!

  3. Useful information given in a precise way. The visual parts were good as well as I am more likely to understand things if I can see examples.
    Good to know how I can go about selling work etc when I finish the course

  4. The meeting today was really interesting and useful. Simona gave us a lot of important information, explaining difficult concepts clearly.

  5. I agree, the information was very useful, and it in a way opens up, what is out there for us in the future, and what we can start doing to become professional photographers.

  6. Simona’s talk was very interesting and informative, though a lot to take in. But has given me a great starting point when looking for employment. She raised an interesting point about the contracts and will be something I have to look at in greater detail.
    All in all was a great lecture and I like that fact that she got us involved.

  7. This was a good talk, loads of information to take in. Simona gave us good places to look at for us to show our work. Simona taught us how professionalism in the photographic industry is important if you wish to succeed. It’s also good to look for residency regularly just in case something pops up that you know you can do. Important information for the future well done.

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