Guest Lecture Series No.2: Jamie Morgan (16 November 2010)

Photographer Jamie Morgan will be talking to all Photography students on Tuesday 16th November 2010 at 11.00am, Room D35. Please be seated for 10.45am.

Jamie’s clients and collaborators have included:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Images courtesy of Peter H. Evans

Thank you to Gaudentas Darguzas (FdA 2 Photography student) at Barking & Dagenham College for producing these videos.


7 thoughts on “Guest Lecture Series No.2: Jamie Morgan (16 November 2010)

  1. I thought todays guest lecture was really interesting! I particularly liked his videos for the ‘REISS’ and ‘Doc Martin’ campaigns.

  2. I really enjoyed the talk with Jamie Morgan, mostly because of his honesty. I think he has been the most beneficial guest lecturer for me because he spoke about everything I am interested in (how he works and what the fashion environment is like.) I loved his work too- both the images and videos!

  3. Really enjoyed Jamie Morgan talk today. The way he brings all of his thoughts and ideas into his work is fantastic his photos speak for themselves. When you look at his work you can understand what he is trying to express. Great !!

  4. I really enjoyed his work…. Although it was obvious he hadn’t planned anything for the lecture, and he just went with the flow, i feel he pulled it off quite well, giving us a few laughs in between the more benficial and intruiging works of his!

  5. I have found Tuesday’s guess lecture with Jamie Morgan very interesting. It gave me my first real inside to what practical free lance photography work is about. There were a lot of useful tips about selling yourself and your work via website and developing your own style. It made me think what kind of photography I enjoy to do the most and how can I make it my own individual style. It confirmed my earlier supposition that to make a living out of photography will be very competitive and hard work with lots of compromises.

  6. I think it’s a great and enriching set of experiences for budding photographers at BDC to have access, as part of their studies, to real life photographers who are prepared to share their ideas , their experiences and their work. Credit to David Bennett for making this happen!

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