Visiting Guest Lecture – Tung Walsh

Photographer Tung Walsh, contributer to i-D and QVEST Magazine, and ex-assistant to Juergen Teller will be talking to Photography students on Tuesday 7th December 2010 at 11.00am in D35. Please be seated at 10.45am.

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7 thoughts on “Visiting Guest Lecture – Tung Walsh

  1. i thought it was a very good he (Jamie Morgan) was a nice bloke, he was open to questions and they way he told us stick to what you like i thought was good, the film part of his work was fantastic i thought all in all a very good few hours

  2. Really enjoyed Jamie Morgan’s talk the other week….very insightful, and he really opened up the fashion world he works in and his approach. Invaluable. Thanks for organising.


  3. Truthfully, I really enjoyed this lecture. I feel he was very informative and knew the buisness of fashion photography very well. I was kinda put off by what we was told in terms of bugeting, but really enjoyed his work which was displayed. As this is the feild i somewhat wish to enter as maybe a further career, i was somewhat disapointted about his nervous behavior, for i think we could have got alot more out of him if he was more forward, maybe a bit like how Jamie Morgan was, but given the circumstances, i feel he was a great guest lecture and i shall look out for future work of his! 🙂

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