Visiting Guest Lecture – Paul Hartnett (Photographer)


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Photographs courtesy of Peter H. Evans

Photographer Paul Hartnett will be spending the whole day with the Photography students on Tuesday 1st March 2011. This promises to be a very exciting day with this internationally published and exhibited photographer.

Please be in the department for 9.30AM for a 10AM start. The event should draw to a close at 4.30PM.


Paul Hartnett is a photographer, journalist, writer, literary editor, broadcaster and teacher. His photography and writing have been published on an international basis and exhibited in London, New York and Shanghai.

Over the years Paul Hartnett has contributed to publications such as i-D, Dazed & Confused, Vogue Hommes International, Tank, The Sunday Times Magazine, Independent Magazine, The Observer, Blue, Fused, Time Out, Têtu and China’s Vision, Too and Fashion Trend Digest. He has recently given a number of talks upon street-style and Bohemia at London’s Tate Britain and at Kong Gallery in Shanghai and produces trends reports for Worth Global Style Network (WGSN).


19 thoughts on “Visiting Guest Lecture – Paul Hartnett (Photographer)

  1. I will look forward to this with my communicator, Chris and Notetaker, Val with this whole long day lecturing!
    Both will be aching with their arms at the end of the day!

  2. I must say i was abit apprehensive about this lecture. But it was absolutely brilliant, the best we have had by far.
    And the tutorials he gave us after were very usful and made you think really.
    He was so friendly and funny and made everyone at ease.
    Totally immense Loved it!!!!!

  3. I thought this guy was an exceptional lecturer, and really gave us a broad understanding about street shooting. I liked the ametuer behind the photography, but with a professional feel to it. He was funny, entertaining and very easy going. I liked how open he was about his life, and found him very intruging. I loved how he could really connect to the students and that its okay not to know every aspect of techniqal in cameras (the flower symbol)….
    and it was really cool to see a bit of gay culture in photographer, there was me thinking it was buried.

    best lecture so far 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed today’s lecture! It was very educational, informative and entertaining!
    Paul shared many great stories and told us more about the industry.

  5. I really enjoyed today. I thought he was fun and was very easy to listen to. I liked how he told us about his childhood and how he was brought up with cameras. Gave me a great understanding good club couture and the fashion world.
    Likes the way he used swimming to beat people i liked that 🙂
    defo a inspiration to me 🙂

  6. I really enjoyed the lecture Paul Hartnett and found him to be the best we have had so far, he was funny,outgoing, entertaining and above all most helpful. He left leaving all students with information that was useful to them.

  7. Mr Paul Hartnett was amazing, brilliant speaker, opened up and really got to the nitty gritty. Very helpful, knowledgable and blunt about the industry. I really enjoyed this lecture, it will be hard for other guests to compete with!!

  8. really enjoyed what he had to say. no holds barred, straight talking, even though he may have had an ego??? but then again so has everyone else…he gave me food for thought and am currently emailing king adz, so yeah really enjoyed it, julian clarey with a nikon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I really enjoyed the lecture with Paul Hartnett, a great speaker who really showed how to build a life and make money through photography. He gave lots of tips and tricks of the trade that were very useful. He was a great speaker ,funny and really connected to his listeners and gave me lots of things to think about for the future.

  10. yes he is a good speaker, funny in places
    on the other hand i was confused about weather he was showing his work as well as the work of others so what was his an was was not, kinda got confused.
    his pictures seemed no diffrent from the work of others.

  11. I thought he was very entertaining, loved how down to earth he was. I think his style of photography is great, and i like how he seems to love what he does too. Best lecturer so far i would say! 🙂

  12. Great lecturer very entertaining, really made me laugh. Interesting way of making work and looks like a good way of making quick money. He gave me useful information on how to get work into the public looking for a market for the audience of my work.

  13. Mr Hartnett is a tremendously inspiring person. I found him quite interesting and his work is just incredible. I could see my vision for the experimental project into his work. So definitely he is the one!!! He also suggested me a few places 2 visit n great tips about getting into the business.

    Indeed it was really productive and useful meeting him. Just want to thank David to organise such events. Cheers 🙂

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