Natalia Asimi

FdA Photography L2


The Victorians

The pictures were taken in the Life Museum called Beamish,  for the project “Image and identity”capturing the unique identity of the people in the Victorian England.

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9 thoughts on “Natalia Asimi

  1. I really like your composition and that way that your subjects are connecting with you. Because of the style of the portraits and the heaviness of the prints, i think the connection is vital otherwise i don’t think these would work in the same way.

  2. I like your consistent style here in this series. They show ‘Englishness’ as I don’t see it. I have a constant battle about my own ‘English’ identity and its representation. Having been in this country for just a few months you have presented us with your vision. I look forward to seeing more work from you.

  3. I am thrilled about how well your first project is going… I now know who too come too for help 🙂 I joke.

    I really like how un-modern you have made these photos look, with the help of the black and white film you have used to do so.
    I am really happy for you, and i really like these photos, i look forward to seeing some more in the flesh,

    congrats natalia! 🙂 xx

  4. I would like to thank you all about your comments, and to tell you that this comments are really important to me. It is really important to know what you think and how you see my work!!

    Thanks everybody!!!!

  5. I am not a photographer but I appreciate it as much.
    Black and white does it for me, I believe it lets the imagination do most of the work.
    I think your photos are good, but they don’t catch the spirit of the Victorians for me. Maybe its because they are a bit glossy, maybe they lack grey tone or even maybe because some of them have clean shoes..(Were they really that clean?).
    Anyway what do I know. Good work.

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