Anita Harwood

67 Senrab

I took the images at a house in Tower Hamlets. My mum’s friend Salvo lives there. He’s Maltese and in his late 80s. I’d been to the house before but didn’t have a camera on me. I can safely say I fell in love with the house. The decor, the empty rooms (he has four children but now lives by himself most of the time), and the delapidation stuck with me and I knew I needed to come back and document as much of it as possible.

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Anita Harwood, FdA Photography


4 thoughts on “Anita Harwood

  1. Anita, well done. I think this is the most honest work you have made. Looking at these images I start to imagine who inhabits these spaces. I guess it is the same house? A person living on their own but with a lot of baggage (personal history that is uncomfortable). Patriotic. Very quiet. Subtle. Obtrusive… yet kind and gentle. Your images reflect your own personality. They remind me a little of contemporary European photography i.e. Paul Kranzler. You might like his work.

  2. I’m a fan of your work Anita. And this work is my favourite work of yours. I like the picture of the painting and also the one of the statue, it’s like there’s someone there but there isn’t because there a painting and a statue. But because there of people it gives a wonderful feel that there are people there even though there isn’t. If ya get what i mean. I like that. It’s cool. It’s also very good because this work of yours shows that you can see into a person and who they are by looking into what they have and where they live. You get a great feel for the person who lives there. Very impressed, good stuff!

  3. Well done anita, I have to admit, i really like this work you have done here,
    I particulary like its honest -feel to it, the pictures are all raw and real.

    I love the style of this gents home just by your portraying in style of photography.

    Congrats 🙂


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