Paris (Field Study Visit 2010)

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Paris Itinerary 2010


3 thoughts on “Paris (Field Study Visit 2010)

  1. I had an absolutely brilliant time in Paris! I got to see all the sites, plus more! I enjoyed Paris Photo- there was so much to take in, you could have easily spent a day there. Some of us were standing next to photographers who were signing books for people.. Wasn’t really sure who they were though haha. Going to studio Rouchon was really interesting as we got to hear the story of someone who came from England to work in Paris. The cathedrals were beautiful both inside and out!

    We walked a lot, we ate a lot and we laughed a lot, merci David!

  2. O my god well worth the money, Paris photo was very good and very inspirational for me and was amazed that I saw Martin par. Eiffel tower and that massive cathedral was the high light of the trip. Loved spending time with my fellow peers. We went to a big studio were famous people have been shot which was very interesting. Thanks to David Bennett for itinerary and the organisation. A* long weekend

  3. What a trip! Was amazing to think I was at these famous landmarks and such, enjoying the french atmosphere and seeing so much in such a short amount of time, hats off to David for fitting all this in!

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