Whose Eye’s by Kishan Panchal (FdA Photography 2)

I don’t what to share anything about the images or the subject but I do want the viewer to answer the following questions, This will help me in knowing if I need to change my perception of the subject to make it easer or harder for people to understand my narrative. The last two images is mostly what I need your view on. Many thanks Kishan Panchal.

what do you see?
what does your imagination tell you?
what is the narrative?
what subjects do you think link to my images?
what do you like or dislike?

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13 thoughts on “Whose Eye’s by Kishan Panchal (FdA Photography 2)

  1. Hi Kishan
    What I see in the picture is a place for Indian celebrations probably, what it brings to my imagination is a wedding or big religious event.
    About the narrative, I can tell that it is a place where many people gather because they need speakers and chairs, big elegant place with religious details. Apart from that I don’t know what kind of event its going on.
    What is coming to my imagination is that you went there with you family for some reason and I guess you are showing us part of your culture and background. I really like the purity and dedication of the place, maybe I need more information.
    Looking at the other pictures, I love the exposure from the green.

    Nice work, I hope that helps

  2. When I look at the images of the hall juxtaposed against the images of the praying ritual, my imagination takes me somewhere else, it make me fill the hall with praying, noise and celebration.
    I also have two different perspectives of the types of images. The hall images make me feel like an onlooker, a slight outside. Where as on the other had the praying images bring me in, as a part of what’s going on. Though because of the angle of the greener images, it makes me feel like there is a more supreme power present.
    I like that you are wearing different t-shirts in three images it shows that it’s over a period of time.

  3. I definitely think of a child taking these photos, just because of some of the angles and height of the camera.
    Even though the images have quite open plans, they make me feel reclused.

  4. Hi Kishan

    I think an ‘outsider’ has taken the images. Someone who is not confident with the environment or purpose of the room.

    Nice work, well done.

  5. The 5th image makes me think of a God (maybe not yours specifically) looking over to protect you. The last 2 images look like they were taken by someone who doesn’t know a lot about the place, but wants to get to know it more. Basically like the others have said, an onlooker.

  6. Like your images Kishan. Don’t think what i’ll say wto the questions will be any help though.
    what do you see? Things of a religousy nature.
    what does your imagination tell you? The lack of people in several of the images gives it a certain kind of mystery. Maybe the person who took them feels out of place.
    what is the narrative? I have no idea. Maybe that’s a plus as you can kind of guide the viewer into what the narrative is.
    what subjects do you think link to my images? Religion maybe?
    what do you like or dislike? There all good, although i got to say i’m 50/50 about those green light images.

  7. The first image reminds me of the large rooms that are situated amoungst the grounds of Eastbury Manor House in Barking. An old english mansion… though the final image reflects, to me, your religion.
    I like the colours, I like the thought of history behind the final image. However, I’m not a fan of the composition of the camera poses, it feels very ‘recee’ and unlooked in the first of the final images, the second image is fine.

  8. what do you see?
    I see what looks like a building where Religious ceremonies are performed and then a Religious home ceremony being performed.
    what does your imagination tell you?
    When I first saw some of then, I thought a TV was being watched. But now it’s sort looks like maybe a a special part of the religion you’re a part of. I like the ghostly appearance in some of them.
    what is the narrative?
    The narratives looks as though it’s something to do with what happens within a religion, and as though someone feels alone in that community.
    what subjects do you think link to my images?
    The statues of Gods.
    what do you like or dislike?
    Again I like the ghostly appearance and the general darkness of it all and how much it expresses from you. I don’t like that you’re not telling anyone yet 😉

  9. Hmmm i kind of feel like the final images are the inside of what is being observed by the person in the previous images….
    the angle at which these are taken at also support this…

    Asif the first images are images of the person looking into the celebration but not being part of it and the last couple of images are picture they have taken of their observations.

  10. Hello, well I think it is a Temple – I am referring only at the last 2 images. I don’t think you are giving us enough information though. I think it is a person who belong to the place, but yes, possibly a child as those door handles really are very low in the image. But we need more to be ableto understand the narrative I think. Keep up the good work. Best, Simona

  11. It looks nothing like a recee. Just wanted to slip that in, seeing some of the comments… That comment shows the difference between the opinions of the people that know your work and someone who doesn’t. There is a lot of depth to your work and i think your work is always important to be put into context.

    All the other comments have something in common that is very important to your work and style which should show you how important it is, in your case, to explain your work and have followers that will see your progression of work throughout your life. All your work is very personal and there’s a grade of continuity in all your stuff.

  12. Hi Kishy

    Firstly, I like the images. Especially the image taken in the green room. The use of a long exposure suggests to me that the onlooker is experiencing some sort of fear and confusion. I feel that the movement in the background light depicts a sort of fear or tension within the scene. I think the environment you chose to shoot this in really does the image justice. The deep green background delivers more of deeper emotional effect lets just say in preference to a lighter background.

    The sequence of images where you are praying, poses emphasis on time. The oncoming light seems express what you are obtaining from it. It gives off the impression that you are being fulfilled and enlightened by the act of prayer.

    The final image, where the camera is peering through the doors of the hall suggests apprehension and once again fear, that one is uncomfortable whilst there.

    technically, I like them. I am a fan of long exposure and I think it does the piece justice. I also like your use of angles, which I feel holds more meaning to them than meets the eye!

    Good stuff kish! xxxxxxx

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