New Araki Book ‘Loving Chiro’s Death’

Nobuyoshi Araki at Rat Hole

Just finished reading Araki’s new book on the passing of his beloved cat Chiro.

I have been following the relationship between Araki and Chiro throughout his career and also have his other book ‘Chiro, My Love’ (1990), a book made for his late wife Yoko. Yoko passed away shortly before ‘Chiro, My Love’ was published and Araki placed a copy of it in Yoko’s coffin. In the new book there is a photograph of Chiro inside a coffin juxtaposed with the infamous image of Yoko in her coffin.

This book was purchased in Japan but I am sure it is available here. A testament of love and death. I am interested in finding out the relationship between the two images Araki places together in a spread, naked women in bed and dying Chiro in bed.

A beautiful little book.


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