Gabriel Orozco: In Conversation – Wednesday 19 January 2011, Tate Modern by Annalisa Falcone

When I went to see the lecture about Gabriel Orozco at Tate Modern I didn’t know of him. I saw just a photograph of the work called My Hands Are My Heart that David showed us on our blog.

So it was like taking a leap into the unknown. But at the end I was lucky because I appreciated his work and the lecture was really interesting.

One of the things that fascinated me is the simplicity of his works.  Material and gesture are the essence of his sculptures. But Orozco wanted to make clear that he doesn’t realize performance, simply his work is more about the process of making it.

This simplicity is evident also when the artist said that his sculpture is like a fruit, made by a core and different layers, and he claimed that in art should be always clear the inside of a sculpture, instead of seeing just the outside. The inside. The body for Orozco is a container, of a deeper meaning, and the photography itself is a container, a way to transport the work, to show it to the audience.

Finally looking at all his amazing works and listening to his funny anecdotes, like for example the realization of Recaptured Nature, I realized how sometimes in art ideas come by chance. The artist in fact explained how most of his work is adapted to his wandering way of living.

I haven’t been yet to the exhibition, but I will go soon and I’m sure I will look to his works in a different way, with the intensity and the passion that Orozco was able to communicate to the audience that day.

Annalisa Falcone (FdA Photography Yr.1)


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