Focus Group No.2: Photo Therapy (14/2/2011)

Focus Group No.2

Subject: Photo Therapy

Chair: Nadine Attzs (FdA Photography Yr.2)

Invited: FdA Photography Yr.2

Date/Time: Mon 14 Feb 2011, 9.30-10.30AM

Room: D35


5 thoughts on “Focus Group No.2: Photo Therapy (14/2/2011)

  1. Thanks Nadine for a very refreshing morning. It was really good to hear about everyone else’s experiences with photo therapy and how they felt about presenting their work to others.

  2. I liked this focus group very much, I enjoyed sharing my experiences when ive used photo therapy and how it has helped me (or not). I also learned alot about photo therapy that I never knew. I think Nadine done a great job and I am looking forward to the next . xx

  3. HI guys thank you for taking part in the photo-therapy focus group!

    it was a very nerve racking experience as this is a subject that is very close to my heart, but i want to just thank you for making it enjoyable.
    I think it’s great that we get to talk about things that are important to us as a group; it makes us understand each other and our work better. I look forward to the next!

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