Robert Grabowski

FdA Photography L2


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Djibouti  is a small, French  ex-colony  country situated below sea level and bordering  with Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somali.  While I was there in 2008 on a military mission with the French Foreign Legion, I had the opportunity to take some interesting photographs which captured moments from local people’s everyday life, customs and work as well as landscape. They  are the photographs  taken from a military track . Unfortunately, these photos was taken using only a compact digital camera  as I could only carry  a  camera  that fitted in my pocket.


3 thoughts on “Robert Grabowski

  1. I love stories like this. For me is important when you travel to another country, to observe local people, their everyday life, learn from them and try to understand them. Next time try to get of the track and try to meet them.

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