Academic Staff and Visiting Lecturers


BA (Hons) Photography

David Bennett (Programme Leader)

Olu Michael Odukoya (Freelance Creative Director OMO Creates, and Editor-In-Chief of MODERN MATTER)

Jonathan Hallam (Photographer)


FdA Photography

David Bennett (Programme Leader)

Ian Atkinson

Jonathan Hallam


Visiting Guest Lecturers 

Brian Griffin (Photographer)

Tim Gutt (Fashion and Portrait Photographer)

Mark Lebon (Fashion Photographer and Fashionista)

Dick Jewell (Artist)

Nigel Shafran (Photographer)

Jamie Morgan (Fashion Photographer and Film Maker)

Tung Walsh (Fashion Photographer)

Eileen Perrier (Photographer)

Paul Hartnett (Trend Setter)

Alicia Hart (Freelance Picture Editor; Wallpaper, Telegraph Magazine, Financial Times Magazine)

Kalpesh Lathigra (Photographer)

Tom Hunter (Photographer)

Gareth McConnell (Photographer)

Choi Liu (Creative Consultant, former Art Buyer at M&CSAATCHI)

Simona Dell’Agli (Artist)

Bradley Richards (Photographer and Television Editor)

Jonathan Hallam (Fashion Photographer)

Phil Buckingham (Freelance Art Director)

Olu Michael Odukoya (Freelance Creative Director and Editor-In-Chief of Modern Matter)

Chris Coekin (Photographer)

Simon Roberts (Photographer)



Daniele Pintore


Congratulations to our FdA Photography L2 student Daniele Pintore.

Daniele has been selected to participate in a group exhibition and auction set up by Tianshu organisation (Genoa) who curate photography exhibitions for charitable causes.

The show opens on 20th October 2012 in Genoa, Italy.