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POP2 Photography Interim Show

Barking & Dagenham College


Students represented: BA (Hons) Photography, FdA Photography, HNC Photography, BTEC L3 Photography

POP Playlist: Washed Out, Phoenix, Caribou, Breathe Owl Breathe, Lescop, The Horrors, Fujiwara Hiroshi



Verb: Make a sudden, sharp, explosive sound


A sample of imagery from students across the photography department at the interim stages of their programmes. Selected randomly within a very short time frame, many of these images were re-appropriated to form new representations of what already exists, creating and presenting new possibilities of what a photography may be. A follow-up from last year, POP2 was a multi-projection event accompanied by a selection of sudden, sharp sounds from France, UK, USA, and Japan. Unfortunately we were not able to represent every student due to non-availability of everyone’s work during the two day process.




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