Nobuyoshi Araki on ‘the dry brightness’ of digital photography

“I have no plans to start taking pictures with a digital camera. I feel that the process of processing films and working in the dark room adds another layer to an image’s subject and to reality. I find that sexy. Even with a woman, I find that when she hides a bit of herself, it’s more revealing. It’s just slightly more attractive than being butt naked.”

Nobuyoshi Araki 2010

“Humidity and darkness are very important elements in photography, so you have to be careful with digital cameras because they sort of kill those elements, I say. I, too, use them, sort of recording things in everyday life for fun, though.

Photography needs to be sentimental. That dry brightness that digital cameras create, that’s not sentimental at all. Colors created with the three primary colors have a very simple impact, but there’s a melancholy at the same time. Colors don’t turn out the way you want them to be, that’s what so good about them.

Perfect colors are not to be researched like that. For example, red. Red of the first menstrual period. The red sky during war. Vague reds and seeping red. The perfect red is different in everyone.

Digital cameras easily ignore those sorts of delicate senses and feelings of Japanese coloring. To be extreme, you look at black and say, it’s red. That’s art. Creating ripples among people is what art does and its the density of art, but before that, you have to feel the ripple in yourself.

It’s not exciting because there are stupid guys that ignore that, trying to figure out how to create real colors. They say, ‘If you use this digital camera, you can take a clear picture in the dark’. The dark should stay dark. You can’t really see that much, and you don’t really want to see that much anyway.”

Nobuyoshi Araki 2006



The man’s a GENIUS!






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